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Colored Singing Bowl Large Eye of the Buddha Blue

    Colored Singing Bowl Large Eye of the Buddha Blue

    This ornate brass and turquoise blue singing bowl features a decorative old world design on both the exterior and interior. The bowl includes a wooden dowel-striker. The vivid color contrasts beautifully with the patterns in brass, making this bowl a stunning addition to your home or sacred space.

    Inside the lid, the Eye of the Buddha symbol is depicted. It represents the omniscient “all seeing” Buddha. The Nepali character for the number 1 is depicted between the eyes, representing the unity of all beings. Allow this beautiful bowl to bring greater wisdom and insight to your meditations.

    Singing bowls produce sound vibrations that place the mind into a meditative state. Rubbing the striker along the rim of the bowl produces a serene humming sound that intensifies with each pass.


    • Diameter: 6.25 inches
    • Materials: Brass

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