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Embossed Singing Bowl Medium Om Black (each)

    Embossed Singing Bowl Medium Om Black (each)

    This stunning singing bowl includes a wooden dowel-striker. The intricate cover design features a meticulously molded OM symbol. Tibetan script has been beautifully embossed on the bowls perimeter. The brass and black contrasts beautifully, making this piece a truly beautiful addition to your home or sacred space.

    The OM symbol represents the sound of the universe and the source of all creation; It is the heart of all that exists. Chanting the OM mantra elevates our vibration, allowing us to connection to higher wisdom and understanding.

    Singing bowls produce sound vibrations that put the brain into a meditative state. Rubbing the striker along the rim of the bowl produces a serene humming sound that intensifies with each pass.


    • Diameter 5.5 inches
    • Materials: Metal

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    Price: $72.60