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Polyresin Statue  Meditating Buddha Golden (each)

    Polyresin Statue Meditating Buddha Golden (each)

    This beautiful, serene statue features a skillfully detailed Buddha, cast and molded in a vibrant gold toned polyresin with a delicate antiqued finish. The old world look will complement any decor.

    Buddha sits in the classic lotus position, his hands are placed in the Dhyana Meditation Mudra, made by placing both hands in the lap, right on top of left, palms upward, and thumbs touching creating a circle. This mudra is said to enhance meditation, promote deep contemplation and unity with higher wisdom. Place this Buddha in your home or sacred space to attract deeper levels of wisdom and understanding.


    • Height: 8.75 inches
    • Width: 6.5 inches
    • Depth: 4.25

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