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Gemstone Pendulum with Om Light Diffuser Clear Quartz

    Gemstone Pendulum with Om Light Diffuser Clear Quartz

    This gorgeous, faceted quartz pendulum hangs from a sterling silver chain. The OM charm at the end provides a slip-free grip. Clear Quartz harmonizes and cleanses negative energies. It can amplify the healing properties of other stones and crystals. It is a purification stone that balances mental, spiritual and emotional energies.

    OM represents the primordial sound of creation, the origin of all life. All that has been, is now and will ever be are all OM. It reminds us that we are all one, and that every being is a living expression of the Divine. Allow the combination of the stone and OM symbolism to empower you and promote higher awareness as you seek greater wisdom and understanding.


    • Comes with information card
    • Charm provides slip-free handling

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