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Gemstone Rune Set   Amethyst (each)

    Gemstone Rune Set Amethyst (each)

    Gain insight and understanding with this beautiful rune set made of Amethyst. The symbols have been deeply carved for ease of use. Runes date back thousands of years and are used to tap into the intuition and subconscious. They can be drawn out of their pouch one at a time, or cast on a table top and read. Each set comes in an embroidered velvet pouch with a parchment scroll that explains the meanings of the symbols.

    Amethyst is a soothing stone that promotes calm, balance and patience. It is used to promote healing from emotional issues and to enhance relaxation and aid meditation.


    • Amethyst Stone
    • Comes in velvet pouch
    • Scroll with rune meanings included

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