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Charka Jewelry

Wearing chakra-based jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and pendants isn’t just a helpful way for you to connect with your energy centers, it’s also a beautiful way to express yourself. Our chakra jewelry features the 7 chakras in beautiful natural stones and gemstones. You can choose necklaces or bracelets with tumbled stones in the 7 chakra colors, or you can select one of our exquisite pendants with semi-precious stones including amethysts, citrines, garnets and more, set in a sterling silver shape such as a lotus, flower, lotus yoga pose, or om symbol. We even offer a vibrantly colored point pendant with all seven chakra colors represented by layers of gemstones that have been fused together into one gorgeous pendant you’ll be proud to wear. Wear our chakra jewelry when you meditate, need healing, or just want something beautiful to help lift your spirits.