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Incense Holders and Burners

If you’re looking to incorporate incense in your spiritual practices, meditation rituals, or everyday use in your home or personal space, then we have incense holders and burners for every style and occasion.

Ornately decorated and designed metal cone burners, and granular incense burners are not only used to burn cone incense in your office, home, or prayer space—they’re also gorgeous works of art. Combining function and spiritual symbolism, our brass incense burners and holders fit beautifully on your prayer altar or table.

Protect your sacred space with a mystical, stylish polyresin incense holder or burner. Bring intrigue, fantasy, and protection to your personal space or any room that needs security from harmful energies and spirits.

Our carved soapstone incense holders and burners are beautifully crafted from the highest quality colored stone available in India. With motivational symbols and themes, these incense holders and burners are great for keepsakes or thank-you gifts to friends or people that inspire you.

Our traditional incense holders are made from coconut wood, natural horn, soapstone, or ornate glass. Just place your incense sticks in these simple holders and enjoy the warm, beautiful fragrances of your favorite incense for hours. We have colored and carved wood incense holders that suit any meditation space, unique personality, or ritual.

Handcrafted in Nepal, our ceramic incense holders and ceramic incense burners are some of our most popular items in the New Age Source online store. Place one of these unique pieces at your front door and delight your guests’ senses with a relaxing, inviting fragrance. Used in feng shui practices, these incense burners are designed to balance the energies of every type and size of room or home.

For unique spiritual and ritual needs, we also have a collection of incense accessories and wood incense boxes that will assist you in your healing, meditation, and cleansing practices.