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Incense for Every Occasion

Incense has played an important role in cultures around the world for thousands of years. Its healing powers have guided people in their spiritual and meditation practices, and incense continues to enchant people from every walk of life.

New Age Source incense will fill your home and spirit with incredible aromas and positive energy. Our incense cones are perfect for unique spiritual practices. Incense cones are soothing, relaxing, and suitable for blessing your home or meditation area.

Made from rare flowers and oils, Japanese Morning Star incense sticks are some of our most popular items. Morning Star sticks produce a unique blend of sweet perfumes that fill the air.

Our Satya incense bring long-lasting aromas to your spiritual space. Perfect for rituals and spiritual practices, these incense sticks are handcrafted in India from all-natural herbs.

For healing and cleansing, our specialty resin incense has incredible therapeutic properties. Throw our earthy wood incense into a fire, wood-burning stove, or charcoal to enjoy hours of intoxicating aromas.

We also have traditional Nag Champa hand rolled incense and colored Nag Champa incense in our New Age Source store. Made from natural herbs, flowers, and oils, these delightful incense sticks are widely popular and used in aromatherapy rituals.

For a meaningful gift for a friend, we have a beautiful collection of bamboo Herb & Earth incense sticks. With less smoke, bright scents, and unique fragrances, Herb & Earth incense adds a touch of beauty and tranquility to any office, home, or personal space.

Delight your senses and welcome your guests with inviting and soothing New Age Source incense.