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Lanterns and Candle Holders: Old World Style, New Age Charm

Glass candle holders and hanging lanterns from New Age Source add a touch of new age charm and warmth to every room. No matter what atmosphere you need in your home or meditation area, we have a variety of candle lanterns, tea light holders, and glass votive holders to create the perfect mood and ambiance.

For centuries, people have used glass lanterns to light up rooms and increase the positive energy around them. Our unique hanging lanterns feature Old World metal cutouts and colorful glass panels for a stunning and lasting impact.

Our hanging lanterns may be used indoors or outside and are available for a variety of purposes: meditation, therapy, energy balance, or as an elegant accessory to your favorite space. Hang your mosque or temple style lantern in your sacred space for spiritual guidance, or place our beautiful 7-piece glass lantern assortment around your house to create warmth and liveliness.

New Age Source also offers an assortment of figurine candle holders, pillar candle holders, ritual candle holders, and tea light and votive holders.

Our figurine candle holders are great gifts to boost your spiritual health and guide you on your spiritual journey.

If you use pillar candles for meditation, rituals, or decorative purposes, we have styles and colors for everyone and every level of experience. Whether you need to display your pillars on an impressive, colorful glass plate, or your ceremony requires candle cubes, we have candle holders for all of your personal and ceremonial needs.

If you prefer the calmness of blue and green in your space, need an energizing rainbow scheme to harness energy, or prefer a particular size or shape of holder, our candle accessories will bring serenity and individuality to your space.

Etched glass candle holders, chakra votive holders, and unique tea light holders are popular gift items and are ideal for bringing balance and peace into any space.