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Meditation and Prayer Tools for Metaphysical Practices and Spirituality

Our meditation and prayer tools are designed to support you in your spiritual experiences and metaphysical practices. Our meditation and prayer tools will bring beauty, elegance, and inspiration to your personal or spiritual space, meditation area, or prayer room.

Our New Age Source pentacles will support all of your unique metaphysical and divination needs. Not only are our metal pentacles useful in the practices and rituals of these time-honored crafts, but our spiritual items will also beautify your personal altar or sacred space.

Cast iron cauldrons are used to burn incense, create potions, and emit fragrant blends of your favorite herbs. Use our unique cast iron cauldrons for brews, smudging, or decorating your home.

Our ritual and prayer tools will assist you in healing, cleansing, and smudging techniques. Our shaman wands, feather smudgers, decorative peace calumets, and offering bowls will enhance your personal experiences and ceremonies.

If you’re looking to enrich your spiritual practices and create a relaxing, comforting environment as you pray or meditate, our singing bowls, tingsha bells, altar bells, and energy tuning chimes are the perfect tools for you. Use our meditation and prayer tools to balance the energies around you, reduce internal stress, and cleanse the energetic frequencies in your home.

Our Tibetan prayer flags and mala prayer beads are unforgettable gifts or friendship keepsakes for a loved one or special person in your life. Hang prayer flags in your home, bedroom, or meditation area to increase the spiritual vibrations in the space and remind you of the precious nature of life. Mala prayer beads can be worn during meditation or carried with you throughout the day for protection, good luck, and energetic healing.

Our entire collection of meditation and prayer tools, inspirational treasures, and impressive gifts will support you or a friend in a spiritual journey, personal enlightenment, and healing rituals.