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Mortar and Pestles for Healing and Metaphysical Practices

Mortar and pestles have been used for centuries by cultures and people around the world in healing practices, metaphysical rituals, cooking, and everyday ceremonies. This precious tool is used for grinding herbs, crushing flowers, mixing food, and creating special blends of natural medicines. The large pestle is used to crush and grind your materials, while the deep mortar holds them and mixes them together to create the perfect combination of flavors, scents, and ingredients.

Our New Age Source mortar and pestles are useful for special ceremonies, metaphysical practices, and everyday use. Let our stunningly designed mortar and pestles inspire you, support your unique needs, and enrich your spiritual experiences.

Each mortar and pestle set is uniquely made from the finest materials from Pakistan and India. Soapstone mortar and pestles are durable, handcrafted, and lightweight so you can take your personal tool with you wherever it’s needed. Use your soapstone mortar and pestle to create your favorite blend of incense, cooking spices, or healing herbs.

Some mortar and pestles have been carved with universal nature themes so your tool can sit beautifully in your home or sacred space among your other treasures and furnishings. Our other mortar and pestle sets are engraved with spiritual themes to fit perfectly on your personal altar or in your prayer room.

No matter where or when you need to use a mortar and pestle, our New Age Source mortar and pestle sets will suit all of your personal and spiritual needs, enhance your rituals and ceremonies, and assist you in creating one-of-a-kind fusions of herbs, spices, and flavors.