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Musical Instruments for Relaxation and Spiritual Practices

Everyone can enjoy our collection of New Age Source musical instruments for relaxation, spiritual practices, and personal enjoyment. Our unique musical instruments have been handcrafted around the world and will bring you therapeutic healing, soothing musical tones, and guidance through your spiritual experiences.

Musical instruments have been used for centuries across the globe in healing and cleansing practices, religious and spiritual ceremonies, and personal meditation and prayer. If you practice sacred singing, mantras, or chanting, our entire selection of musical instruments is designed to support your unique needs.

If you’re a student of musical therapy, sound healing, energy balancing, or you’re on a personal journey, we have a variety of beautifully crafted musical instruments to suit your personality, musical needs, and personal preferences.

Our eco-friendly rainsticks are designed to deepen your spiritual experiences and guide you through personal prayer, healing, and meditation.

Our djembe drums have been handcrafted in Bali and are made from the finest mahogany wood, carved with distinct, one-of-a-kind designs. Our djembe drums are portable, lightweight, and original works of art—uniquely crafted by traditional artisans.

Bamboo flutes and mini ocarina pendants are fun and easy to play. Whether you’re looking to enhance your spiritual practices, or if you’ve been searching for a gift for the musical person in your life, our bamboo flutes and mini ocarinas are thoughtful, memorable presents for professional musicians and aspiring artists alike.

Gourd shakers, mini maracas, and mini drums are the perfect addition to any personal collection of instruments and healing tools. Use our shakers, maracas, and drums for personal enjoyment with friends and loved ones.

Our unique world instruments are suitable for musicians of all ages and levels of experience.