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Fragrance Oils and Burners for the Home and Spirit

Let the captivating aromas from a New Age Source fragrance oil burner fill your home, delight your senses, and enchant your guests. Our fragrance oil burners are the ideal housewarming gift, meditation tool, or everyday decoration for yourself or a cherished friend.

Using only a single tea light, oil burners are unique, smoke-free alternatives to traditional incense burners and candles and release hours of warm, inviting fragrances into any space. Our fragrance oil burners complement every type of décor and are great for burning throughout the year, no matter the season or occasion.

Our burners are wonderful additions to your meditation area or prayer space. Light your spiritual-themed oil burner and immerse yourself in the soothing perfumes of our high quality scented fragrance oils, while enjoying the benefits of the oils’ incredible healing and relaxation properties.

For even greater healing and relaxation, our lovely ceramic oil burners are designed to balance out your chakras and bring inner peace and tranquility to your spirit. These oil burners are perfect for moments when you need to unwind and transport yourself to a serene, meaningful place. Colorful cabochon and crescent moon designs add a distinctive touch of style and spirituality to our handcrafted oil burners.

If you’re looking for a charming ornament for your altar, living space, or meditation room, our stunning carved soapstone fragrance oil burners fit exquisitely in any interior. Artfully crafted from beautiful natural, colored, or painted soapstone, our collection of soapstone oil burners are available in a variety of designs, themes, and styles for every home, personality, and taste. With removable burner dishes for simple cleanup and storage, our soapstone oil burners are travel-friendly, easy to use, and delightful gifts for a special friend.

Whether you need a memorable gift for the unique person in your life, or you’re eager to embellish and enhance your home with a gorgeous decorative treasure, our wide array of fragrance oil burners and scented fragrance oils will warm the hearts and spirits of your loved ones and guests.

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