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Smudging and Herbs

The use of smudge sticks is based in Native American tradition and can help to cleanse and purify your environment. The New Age Source offers a wide variety of smudge sticks, high quality herbs and sweetgrass braids to aid you in your smudging and purification rituals.

We carry many varieties of herbs for smudging, including smudge sticks made from white or blue sage, mugwort, desert sage, Yerba Santa sage and more. These smudge sticks are made from natural botanicals and are mostly used for cleansing spaces such as homes.

We offer potent dried herbs such as white sage, cedar and dried lavender flowers. In addition to their metaphysical cleansing properties, these natural botanicals also have an amazing, calming aroma and are perfect for use in soap-making, crafts, scented sleep pillows and more.

Our sweetgrass braids are used in conjunction with smudge sticks in purification rituals, especially to welcome in positive energies after a cleansing ceremony has been performed.

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