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About Us

Only those who believe there is a path will ever find one. - Richard Rose

Founded in 2011, The New Age Source has become one of the best online retailers for spiritual gifts. All of our products are hand picked with exceptional quality, social responsibility and positive energy in mind.

We strive to offer you inspiration to follow your path and to dream bigger. Wherever you are along your path to finding spiritual fulfillment, harmony or inner peace- we're here to support you. We honor you and everyone who seeks the light, and respect all religious beliefs as long as they harm no one.

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Our Story

My story, like many, is a unique one. It is full of ups and downs. Many ebbs and flows; but if we are all honest those ups and downs are what make us who we are.

I grew up in what most people would call a commune, but I knew it only as an eco-village and a community. We where a group of 30 close families that shared a vision of peace and sustainability. We farmed, worked and built a community on 300 rugged acres of mountain land. It was a beautiful time, full of beautiful memories and good friends.

But change happens. It is a part of life, and that is what makes us grow and become stronger. Like a bolt of lightning that starts a fire in the forest, but in the end the things that burn away allow for new growth and produce new life.

I left the community and began The New Age Source with the principles and love that I had learned for so many years. Principles of social responsibility, hard work and community.

We are a family here, literally. When you call us at (352) 587-2145, I will be answering the phone, not a detached operator. You may hear my boys in the background (fighting as boys do ;) ) or my crazy Bella barking at the birds; but what you won't ever hear is some far away call center.

My commitment to you is to always provide the best products and to always be there. We are on this journey together.

Nameste- I honor you.