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Sterling Silver Reiki Spiral Chakra Pendant

    Sterling Silver Reiki Spiral Chakra Pendant

    This Reiki Cho Ku Rei Chakra Pendant Pendant represents God and Man together. It draws energy from around you and focuses it where you want to. In a way it helps to clean energy and as spiritual protection. This sterling silver pendant is adorned with 7 faceted aligned gemstones. Each stone corresponds to a different chakra and resonates to its own frequency that harmonizes your energies. Amethyst for Stability, Iolite for Healing, Blue topaz for Creativity, Peridot for Prosperity, Citrine for Protection, Carnelian for Confidence, Garnet for Love. Wearing chakra jewelry is an easy way to connect to the chakras. Working with these 7 semi precious-stone stone could help up to deal with our daily challenges.2.25"
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