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VitaJuwel Decanter and Wand Wellness Set

    VitaJuwel Decanter and Wand Wellness Set

    Wellness Set includes the following: VitaJuwel Wellness vial ( Amethyst-rose Quartz-Clear Quartz)VitaJuwel decanter calla and VitaJuwel chain ( to grant a safe use with securing the vial to the handle of the decanter Through the chain)


    rose quartz - amethyst - clear quartz
    This basic, well-balanced composition is used to vitalize water for hundreds of years. Crystal experts claim that amethyst strengthens awareness and rose quartz fosters tranquility. Either way, having this original vial and a decanter by VitaJuwel on your dining table or office desk will remind you to drink more water. Most customers find gemwater made with this blend to taste smooth and mild. If you're unsure with which blend to start your VitaJuwel collection, choose this one!


    • Decanter 11 inches
    • Wand 15 inches
    • Hold 33 OZ
    • Handmade Lead Free Bohemian Glass


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