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Bamboo Windchime  Moon Goddess  (each)

    Bamboo Windchime Moon Goddess (each)

    This lovely windchime is handcrafted and hangs from a black wooden crescent moon with spirals. The pipes are a natural shade of bamboo and the clappers feature cutouts of the Spiral Goddess and crescent moons. Each windchime is its own unique work of art.

    The Goddess and the Moon both represent Divine feminine energies and are used to heighten intuition and promote feelings of comfort and protection. The spirals represent creation and manifesting one's goals.

    Bamboo produces a serene and gentle sound. According to Feng Shui principles, windchimes are used to cleanse negative energies. Bamboo is also used to attract health and happiness. Allow our peaceful bamboo chimes to cleanse and harmonize your favorite space.


    • Height: 37 inches
    • Length: 57 inches

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