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Glass & Metal Lantern Owl Brown & Gold

    Glass & Metal Lantern Owl Brown & Gold

    Add a beautiful, uplifting glow to your favorite space with this lovely lantern. The intricately patterned pressed glass panels in Earthy brown and gold will add a warm, enticing aura to your favorite space. Color has the power to influence moods and emotions.

    Gold is a mentally energizing color that promotes higher levels of thought and understanding. Brown is a grounding color that reconnects us to the Earth. Combined, these two colors can soothe the mood and spark creative thought and inspiration. Owls symbolize wisdom and the ability to see clearly in the darkness.

    The lantern features an old world design with elaborately detailed cutouts that cast a lovely glow and soft shadows. Can be used alone, or combined with other lanterns to create a custom display with maximum impact.


    • Height: 8 inches
    • Materials: Metal and Glass

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