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Pendulum   Cracked Clear Qtz (Each)

    Pendulum Cracked Clear Qtz (Each)

    Each beautiful pendulum is made of crackled clear quartz in a variety of colors. A cluster of stone chips at the end of the silvery chain, provides a slip-free grip. Pendulums are versatile tools that can be used for enhancing focus and awareness, energy healing and communication work.

    Clear quartz balances all the energy centers, cleanses negative energies and can amplify the healing energy of other stones and crystals. It is a purification stone that balances mental, spiritual and emotional energies.

    Crackled Quartz is made by heating clear quartz to a specific temperature and then cooling it by immersing it in a dye. The color penetrates the quartz and all the tiny cracks, resulting in a transparent colored stone. Each pendulum has the power of quartz and the attributes of its corresponding color.


    • Comes with information card
    • Length: 7 inches

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