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Tumbled Stones - Shungite 1 lb.

    Tumbled Stones - Shungite 1 lb.

    Shungite is an ancient stone said to have many healing properties. It can be used to enhance energy healing and to tap into the intuition. It is a grounding stone that also amplifies higher vibrational energies. It's conductive properties make it good for absorbing atmospheric pollution like electromagnetic radiation emitted from electronics.

    Tumbled stones have a variety of uses. Use them for home décor or projects, carry them in a medicine bag, incorporate them into jewelry, or place them in your home, office or sacred space to enhance and harmonize energies.


    • 1 lb.
    • Assorted shapes and sizes
    • Shungite is said to eliminate and absorb all that imposes a hazard on people and living beings, and to concentrate and restore all that is helpful for a human being.
    • It also shields harmful electromagnetic radiation of any origin like computers, microwave ovens, TV sets and mobile phones

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