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Reiki Herbal Pillar Candle Peace 3"x 6"

    Reiki Herbal Pillar Candle Peace 3"x 6"

    These Reiki charged pillar candles are made in the USA using food grade, pure waxes and natural cotton and paper wicks. Each candle is scented with pure essential oils, imparting natural fragrance with various healing properties. Each has been designed with specific properties to help the user focus on a specific intention or theme.

    Reiki Charged Peace Herbal Pillar Candles have been designed with a specific intention using a unique blend of vanilla, clove, myrrh, ginger root and caraway seed essential oils. Each candle comes with the affirmation "May my mind, heart and soul reach a state of perfect serenity. May all my thoughts and actions reflect my pursuit of a peaceful and tranquil existence." Use this candle to create a tranquil environment and to quiet the mind; or in combination with the Harmony candle to create a loving home environment.

    Candles are crafted from the finest wax and have natural metal-free wicks.


    • Made in the USA
    • Natural, high-quality ingredients
    • Height: 6 inches
    • Diameter: 3 inches
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