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Sandalwood & Turquoise Elastic Bracelet  Saraswati

    Sandalwood & Turquoise Elastic Bracelet Saraswati

    This bracelet is truly unique and beautiful. The wood beads are enhanced with Sandalwood oil and lead to the intricately designed pendant that is molded from turquoise powder and resin. An antiqued black finish highlights the fine details. Jasper beads accent the piece. Symbolically, this piece has great purpose and meaning.

    Sandalwood has been used historically to cleanse energies, soothe and ease anxiety and focus the mind. Jasper enhances relaxation and promotes tranquility. It is a comforting stone that promotes healing and wholeness. Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of music, art and nature who oversees learning and knowledge. She symbolizes purity and the higher wisdom that comes from rejoicing in the serenity of the spirit.

    Wear this bracelet to promote harmony and enhance creativity.


    • Wood Beads with Oil
    • Turquoise Powder and Resin

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