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Shungite Power Bead Streach Bracelet 8mm Reiki Charged

    Shungite Power Bead Streach Bracelet 8mm Reiki Charged

    Shungite is an ancient stone said to have many healing properties. It can be used to enhance energy healing and to tap into the intuition. It is a grounding stone that also amplifies higher vibrational energies. It's conductive properties make it good for absorbing atmospheric pollution like electromagnetic radiation emitted from electronics.

    Since antiquity people have adorned themselves with gemstones for inspiration and protection. Our genuine semi-precious stone bracelet made from shungite will add color and meaning to any outfit. For added appeal mix and match bracelets to create dozens of looks. The bracelet's stretchy design ensures a comfortable fit for most.


    • Assorted shapes and sizes
    • Shungite is said to eliminate and absorb all that imposes a hazard on people and living beings, and to concentrate and restore all that is helpful for a human being.
    • It also shields harmful electromagnetic radiation of any origin like computers, microwave ovens, TV sets and mobile phones

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